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  1. I am very interested at the Walleye trip!! Can we make a reservation before August 19th? I am look forward for your good news!!! My phone number is 5198605991, you can call me anytime!

  2. hi Chuck….are we still on July 30…what time…..need tackle
    how long out……any trout to be caught??
    can you contact me

  3. Hi Chuck. Was wondering about perch fishing on Sunday, 25 June? We are 3 lads from Kincardine who have access too a cottage at Long Point. Would love to catch a bunch of Lake Erie perch….if they are running at that time. If the perch are not there, is there a chance that we could get after some pickerel? Will call tomorrow.
    Thanks very much. Ian.

  4. Chuck
    I would like to book your charter for Sat August 19 2017. There will be 4 possibly 5 of us.
    A couple years ago, on the first weekend in June, three of us called to book a charter and came by the Friday night before for a dock visit with you and your lovely wife. You explained that the fishing wasn’t great and that we would have to travel a long way to get to where they were catching fish. You said that you didn’t want to just charge us for a “boat ride”. We were very impressed with your honesty and ended up have a great time just visiting with you and your dock neighbors. Well we are now trying again to finally get together to have a great day out and catch our dinner. Please let me know if this date works for you.

  5. Hi : We are from Thunder Bay and we are renting a cottage at Port Stanley. We would like to book fishing charter for July 19th. Only want to go for 4 to 5 hours, willing to negotiate a fair price as all your charters are for 8 hours.

  6. Thanks Chuck & Linda,

    It was a fun day out on the water on your beautiful boat. The perch fry was delicious
    and the filets were huge. You two make a great team, thanks for all your help. My kids are saying we should do this every year !!!

    Tim Cassidy July 18th 2017

  7. Hi there. We would like to book a charter for perch and pickerel for my husbands birthday. We are looking at a Sunday in June if possible. I was also wondering if we could make it later than 7 am (thinking around 10?) I’m not sure what you prefer. There would be 5 of us. Please advise of a date that would work and the rate for all of us. Just to let you know most of us have never been on a charter but we do fish smaller lakes so we’re not fishing virgins. LOL Also do we need to bring bait and if so what kind do we need. Thank you for your time


  8. My wife and I are very interested in perch fishing . We fish a lot from shore , We would like to go in June , Can go thru the week , Is it an 8 hr trip ? Do you catch many jumbo perch . We would probably come the night before is there a reasonable motel nearby . The fishing from shore hasn’t been great is it too early ?
    How much for the trip ?

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